Thursday, March 12, 2009

About Us . . .

How We Met . . .

While attending BYU, we met in a Political Science course during an exam review (not sure how helpful THAT was given the mutual distraction we created). Emilie came in the review room late and in a frazzled panic, as usual. Seeing a cute girl in a bright yellow shirt wearing a North Face backpack, Michael was intrigued and saw an opportunity when Emilie asked if she was in the right place. He reassured her that she would be just fine and cleverly pulled up a chair for her right by his side, a spot from which she would never leave, it turns out. We continued to chat after the review and opted to take the stairs to provide a little more time for asking for those precious 10 digits. We spent almost every day together after that. Emilie flew out to Seattle after Thanksgiving, and Michael flew to Atlanta for Christmas.

The Proposal and Engagement . . .

We decided that if we could still enjoy being around each other after spending 3 days stranded on the icy roads between Utah and Washington, we could pretty much weather anything. So, one frigid January day, Michael surprised Emilie on an early morning run with a beautiful diamond ring on the stairs of the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. We spent the rest of our internships struggling to balance work, classes, the experience of our capitol city, and planning two wedding receptions far away from our homes and our families. We managed to survive, and we got married in the beautiful Seattle Temple, with one reception over-looking the Puget Sound and another a week later in a gorgeous antebellum home in Atlanta.

The Future . . .

After Em's MPH program, we will head to wherever medical school takes us. Michael will study medicine, focusing on global health issues and infectious diseases, and we hope to spend some time living and strengthening rural community health in developing countries.


  1. wow married blog and everything its official! miss you em.

  2. YAY!!! Finally you have a blog. i have been waiting for this day.