Friday, June 19, 2009

A Western Memorial Day Weekend Road Trip

Emilie isn't quite sure what to think of the heap she shares the car with.

Emilie and Michael's plans for a memorial day weekend road trip were slow in developing. On Tuesday Michael learned that he would not be working the following Monday (holiday) or Tuesday, affording us with 5 work-less days. This hastily put together trip proved to be one they would not easily forget...

They left their cozy little Kent apartment Friday morning after attending an information meeting in Seattle on the Foreign Service. The heavy traffic dissipated as the couple passed Olympia only to resume again after Portland. After most of a large Hawaiian pizza Mt.Hood came into view. Em and M visited a campground or two and learned that,
surprise, surprise, on memorial day weekend everything was reserved! Undeterred they found a spot near a nice family in a still unopened campground a few miles South of Timberline.

At two-thirty the next morning Michael left the warmth of his sleeping bag, drove to Timberline on Mt. Hood and proceeded to climb the peak car-to-car in 5 hours and 45 minutes! Tired, he found Emilie fitfully dozing in the tent around nine-o'clock.

After Emilie enjoyed a hike of her own, while Michael tried to recover lost sleep, we set off again. Coming out of the campground we took a wrong turn which sent us East instead of West.

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