Sunday, August 15, 2010

Deadheading the Rhodies. . .

I had no clue what Marianne meant when she told me that she wanted me to "deadhead the rhodies." Is that legal? Moral? Were going to kill someone?! Rhodesians? What did they ever do? And does Rhodesia still exist? Or, could this be some Davidson code or information to which I was not yet privy?

Michael found an old football buried in the yard... with roots growing THROUGH it!
Well, it turns out there has been a serious void of gardening in my life. This is simple gardener lingo, which most of you probably already knew. As we approached the bush with our bucket, I realized it. Of course, Rhododendrons.

Michael and I spent a little time in the sun on Saturday doing a little weeding. It was nice to get outside for a bit since we both spend the majority of every day tethered to a computer. After the yardwork, we enjoyed a nice BBQ with some of Michael's oldest friends here in Washington. It was a great summer day (it got up to 95 degrees!!). Way to go, Washington, you finally got it right.



Thursday, August 5, 2010

Program Pains

Have I ever told you how much I hate Microsoft Office for Mac? Probably, but I will say it again. I really think that there is some foul play going on with this program, and the user is the victim. Uggghh. My advice: if you have a Mac, go with iWork.