Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Quick Early Morning Timp Climb

What's the best cure for jet lag? A 5,000 ft, 13+ mile round trip (RT) climb of nearby Mount Timpanogos. Jordan and I half hiked, half jogged the peak Friday morning. We left the Aspen Grove Trailhead at 4 AM.

Although it was early, it was good to be back in the mountains.

We made good time to the warming hut, where the sunrise found us.

From the hut, the trail leads north under the summit across the last remnants of winter.

The snowfields are all but gone now.
Looking back.
After climbing to a gap north of the summit, the route scrambles over rock on the west side.

Into the shade and the wind . . . brrr.
Jordan beat me to the summit by about 15 minutes. I was feeling good to be that close behind after a month with little exercise living at sea level in India. 

Enjoying the sunshine and the views.
Looking down on the warming hut, a beautiful tarn and the route we took up.
North Timp & other Wasatch peaks in the background. 

We scurried down the scramble and across the snowfield to the warming hut where we were greeted by dozens of mountain goats.

Dipping our heads in a waterfall on the way down felt great in the rapidly warming day. We felt bad for all the people who had slept in and were just heading up.

You can see more pictures from our trip here.

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  1. When I hiked it last September there was still snow up there...