Sunday, September 5, 2010


Only a week after I got back from India we packed up our things, crammed them in the back of the 'red rumbler' and started the 14 hour drive to my family's home in Washington. We made the trip in a single push from Provo (we are getting pretty good at this now). 

Sunset in somewhere in Eastern Oregon, brought to you by our cracked windshield, which we had to replace this week.

While in Washington, we got to see Coco before she headed off to Germany for her study abroad program. Even though Coco was deathly ill, we visited the Tacoma Glass Museum, Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle.

The Gum Wall
Next to the International Fountain
Pike Place
Part of the reason for this trip was to see Ian home from his mission in Brazil.
Seatac Intl. Airport
After a fast-paced week home and lots of doctor appointments, we whisked him away and back down to Provo for school. We stopped in Le Grande, OR to see Grandma Judy.


  1. No, it was to Porto Alegre-North, which is at the southern part of Brazil. Rach, I am so excited for Vanessa! Your family looked super excited/supportive as well. So awesome!

  2. didnt you love the video! i was obsessed. she just went to the temple. i bawled my eyes out LOL