Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Year Anniversary San Diego Trip

After the craziness of finals, graduation and family visits we got out of town for a few days. . . It was also our two year anniversary so we felt like we had earned it.


  1. I would LOVE to go to San Diego. I hear it is lovely. I'm glad you got to go celebrate your anniversary! Also, why are you going to Honduras, for how long, and when are you leaving?

  2. Thanks, it was a lot of fun even though both of us got laryngitis there...
    I got a fellowship to fund a project I want to do on water, sanitation and hygiene. It's a needs assessment for rural areas and will provide recommendations for low- to no-cost household filtration technologies.

    The project for the MPH program is like a thesis in other programs. We will head down to Honduras May 2012... just in time for the end of the world :)

  3. Em! so happy I found your blog :) TWO YEARS! time flies so happy for you guys.