Monday, July 18, 2011

Torrey's Peak - - Dead Dog Couilor

A number of partners fell through on climbing Saturday morning. I was not to be dissuaded, however. So partner-less, I headed to an area where I knew I would have plenty of company.

Torrey's peak, with Gray's Peak, its neighbor, is the most popular 14er near Denver. When I got to the trail head at 6am there were already dozens of people ahead of me on the trail. 

Gray's Peak

Torrey's Peak

After 2.4 miles I left the trail and headed toward 'Dead Dog Couilor' (center of the above photo). This route is called the "premier mountaineering route on Torrey's when its in condition." It climbs at about 45 degrees straight up the face to just below the summit. At 7 am, I donned crampons and started up the ~1200 foot high gully.

I topped out the couilor at 830. Took off my crampons, took some photos and walked over the summit and down the easy side.

Looking down Kelso Ridge

I like sharp things.

On the way down I passed hoards of people climbing the standard routes. I also ran into a kind guy who was carrying an injured dog who had been stranded overnight after a terrifying fall the day before.  We took turns carrying the dog, Loki, two miles to the trail head. From the amount of blood coming on my arm, but lack of an external wound we figured she was bleeding internally. Whenever she tried to walk she would yelp with pain. Poor thing.

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  1. Wow, you really do like climbing don't you Michael? That's great.