Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gettysburg & Harper's Ferry

As a part of the BYU Washington Seminar Program we are lucky enough to be taken on two expertly crafted trips. The first was to Gettysburg and Harper's Ferry.

After a bus tour of the Battlefield, which included stops at such famous places as Little Round Top and Seminary Ridge, we enjoyed a mini-imax movie in the visitors center.

I think everyone's day was complete when we stopped for lunch at General Picket's Buffet. I wonder though if all the soldiers had such indigestion after eating there. This might shed some light on the reason for the confederate defeat...

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  1. Until just last week, I didn't know that gestation and indigestion were different things... You can imagine how awkward it was when I found out the difference in a public setting, after using gestation out of context.