Sunday, March 29, 2009

Valley Forge and Philadelphia

The latest in a series of trips up down and around the East Coast was this foray to Valley Forge, the winter residence of the continental army during the third of eight winters during the revolutionary war, and also to Philadelphia.

Valley Forge
An early (7:30) departure from the Barlow Center, our residence in DC, brought Emilie, the entire group of BYU interns and I to the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge where we would sleep that night.

We toured Valley Forge on the bus we rode up on and enjoyed not being able and having anything to do (above). It was interesting learning more about the struggle, sacrifice and also the turnaround which happened here.


You can see more picture from our trip here.

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  1. I want to know about Philadephia guys! It's the city of brotherly love, they have great steak and cheese sandwiches, and they have a world champion baseball team, but that's all I know about them! I'm guessing there won't be an update until after the wedding.