Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chennai, India

(Michael and Joel)

Michael is in India!! He is there doing research with a professor, Dr. Selway. It's pretty exciting stuff. They are running cash incentive experiments with surveys to determine the effect of diversity on the provision of public goods (healthcare, roads, drain cleaning, sewerage, trash collecting, etc.) in a society.

In the meantime, Emilie is working full time, taking a class, and trying to set up our new apartment. That's right, we moved AGAIN. Photos will come when the apartment no longer looks like the site of an explosion...


  1. Glad to see The Climber and the Cook are up and running again! I like the two pictures of Michael, but is there anyone I should know in the bottom picture? I'll assume that's a work office of Emilie's...

  2. Haha, that is the setup for the experiments in India. My office would be far more boring and nowhere near as nice :)