Monday, July 19, 2010

More India

I am getting on a plane this evening, but wanted to post a couple of videos first. I hope you don't mind the poor videography.

This is the first temple I visited, the Kapaleashwarar temple in Mylapore, Chennai:

This is the shore temple, Mahapalipuram. I believe this is a World Heritage Site, not that this designation means anything:

A different site in Mahapalipuram:

An elephant at the Srirangam Temple, he takes money and gives blessings in exchange:

This is a different elephant who had died that same day:

Typical traffic in Chennai:


  1. What would be more amazing than an elephant giving blessings for money, would be seeing him USE that money. What does a priestly elephant buy? :) Peanuts?

  2. i LOVE the new blog title! so clever :)

  3. It's really interesting to compare your pictures with mine in Thailand. Much of Asia seems to operate the same way!